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The Fine Press Book Association -  (FPBA) is an organization of individuals interested in the art of fine printing, formed with the goal of promoting the appreciation of beautiful books and printing skills.

Books and Vines - Musings on Classic Literature, Collectible Books, Fine Wines and a Sundry Other Things that Make Life Interesting. Chris Adamson's website which has a nice finger on the pulse of fine books of past and present.

The Briar Press  - A museum of presses and equipment, want and for sale adds and notices, a directory of services and resources and a collection of downloadable printers ornaments, borders and decorative caps for desktop publishing use. A very well maintained site with many great links and easy to navigate

NA Graphics  - Fritz Klinke, this is a terrific resource for equipment parts, supplies and books about printing. Fritz now handles the sales end of the newly-cast revivals of selected ATF faces produced by the Dale Guild and is also the owner and supplier of all things Vandercook.

Don Black Linecasting - Everything you need to get started and some stuff you don't even know you want yet.  Pressroom and bindery equipment, type and matrices.  A well maintained site with plenty to look at.

Owosso Graphic Arts, Inc.  - Photoengravers.  There are plenty of places to get dies made but if you're in the mid west then give these folks a try.  They produce both magnesium and copper dies for letterpress as well as for foil stamping and embossing.  As an added bonus new customers can get a free die up to 30 square inches + shipping.

Vandercook Press - A resource for information about Vandercook and other flat bed cylinder proof presses including history, maintanence and a blog for Q&A. A very valuable resource for those who own or work on these sorts of popular presses.

Introduction to Letterpress Printing - A dated but still informative list of information and links to all things letterpress.

Book Arts

The Book Arts Web - links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including galleries with images. Here you'll also find the Book_Arts-L FAQ which features full subscription information for this listserv of almost 1200 individuals but also the full archives organized by year, then month. They are also fully searchable and contain a treasure trove of all kinds of technical tips, announcements, and helpful banter.

The Guild of Book Workers - is the national non-profit organization for all the book arts. It was founded in 1906 and since that time, especially in the last 20 years, has grown immensely in scope. The Guild currently has over 1000 members worldwide. Areas of interest include bookbinding, printing, conservation, marbling, calligraphy, and papermaking.  Also at this link is a directory to regional chapters.

Talas  - Professional archival, conservation and restoration supplies.  A good place on the web to get some of the tools, supplies and equipment needed to bind books.

BookMakers International  - Another online resource for materials and tools of the trade.  Shop around, specialty tools are expensive.

Harmatan Leather Ltd.  - Vegetable tanned goatskins and smooth grained calf.  Vegetable tanned leathers allow you to work in blind tooling and get good dark line results as well as working with leaf or foils.  Some of the finest leathers available and the price well reflects it.  Still, if one goes through the discipline of binding with leather, why not use the best.  Located in England with U.S. suppliers.

J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.  - Leather tanners and bookbinding suppliers.  Also located in England, good skins and another good resource for tools that are harder to find in the states.

Pergamena, - Handmade parchments, vellum and bookbinding leathers. If they don't have what you need they'll most likely find a way to make it.

Bonefolder, - An e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist. From 2004 to 2012 this journal was published and is full of great information regarding book structures, sewing and finishing techniques and all sorts of informative and instructional bits. Free for downloading.

Printmaking Links

American Print Alliance  - a consortium of non-profit printmakers' councils in the United States and Canada.  Good resources for materials and upcoming events and shows.

The Wood Engraver's Network  - A group started in 1994 and now with a worldwide membership exceeding 200.  Print exchanges and a biannual newsletter Block & Burin, along with sponsored workshops and a traveling exhibition.  Join now and discover the beauty of this art form.

International Mezzotint Society  - Established in 1997 and now with over 80 members.  This group that is free to join sponsors print exchanges and strives to further the awareness of this unique intaglio process.

Mid Amera Print Council, - (MACP) An educational organization whose goal it is to promote awareness and appreciation of the art of making original prints, books, hand-made paper, and drawings.

Graphic Chemical and Ink Co.  - The ultimate Midwest source for any print process materials, inks and papers.

McClain’s Printmaking Supplies - Like Graphic Chemical, McClain's supplies raw plates for relief and intaglio printmaking processes and the tools to mark on them as well as some papers and other materials.

E. C. Lyons Co. - Makers of the tools we use to mark intaglio, wood engraving, woodcut and linocut surfaces.

Sources for Papers in the USA

Legion Paper - Importers of papers from Arches, Magnani, Fabriano, Lana and a few other European and Asian specialty mills. Also a seller for Mohawk, Neenah, Stonehenge, Lenox and other US mills. Check out their commerical offerings at Paper-papers as well.

Atlantic Papers - Importers of papers from Hahnemuhle & Velke Losiny. They will work with small orders and also offer duplexing and cutting for additional fees.

The 2 sources above are the primary importers for all European art papers in the US. If you're buying paper from somebody else they probably got it from them.

Hiromi Paper - Importers of small mills from Asia and South America as well as some bookcloth and other supplies.

Small Domestic Mills

Saint-Armand - A small mill in Montreal, Quebec that creates quite a few hand made and machine made papers from natural fibers both in text and art weight sheets.

Cave Paper - A very small mill in Minneapolis with some very nice natural fiber papers though mostly in art weights.

University of Iowa Center for the Book papers - Timothy Barret's grand operation set at UI. Book and art weight papers from historic inspiration and contemporary need.

Twinrocker Handmade Papers. One of the first small mills to reappear in the early 70's and now one of the oldest providers of custom sheets in all ranges of weights, surface treatments and sizes

Other Links of Interest

The WATCH File - A collaboration between the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas and University of Reading Library, UK with a database of copyright holders, contacts and resources.

Project Gutenberg  - A free ebook resource with many public domain titles (mostly pre 1923).  If you're looking for something to print, why not start here?

Labyrinth Library  - Resources for medieval studies.  Many early manuscripts, research in various languages and specialized subjects.  Another great source for possible publishing ventures.

Enigma - Unpuzzling difficult Latin readings in medieval manuscripts.

The Museum of Printing - North Andover, Massachusetts

The International Printing Museum - Carson, California

Braintan - Natural hide tanning and leather craft. Just in case you want to make your own skins or vellum for bookbinding.

The ink corrosion website - Overview of historical MS ink formulations. The site also includes some recipes and a useful overview of ingredients of which some are applicable to intaglio and letterpress ink making.

Sweat - The illustrated history of saunas, sweat lodges, Roman baths and more.  What can I say, the winters are long here and a sauna is the best way to get warm and stay healthy.

Professional Acquaintances

Michigan Nature Association - The oldest non-for-profit land conservancy in Michigan. Though while focusing on the already hopeless and mostly ugly lower part of the state this organization had the amazing foresight to purchase the property on four sides of my own here along the Cedar River to which I will eternally be thankful. I donated a limited edition of one of my wood engravings "By the Side" to MNA to be used as a incentive or reward for their higher level donors.

Hollanders - Much more than a paper store, Tom and Cindy Hollander have created a haven in Ann Arbor with a nicely appointed letterpress and book binding lab. Workshops, some of which I have taught, are scheduled months in advance and is the Midwest teaching facility for the Book Binding School of America. Tom and Cindy also are instrumental in organizing Bookfest these past five years.

Jordan River Arts Center  - East Jordan, MI.  I am a member of this organization and when I served on the board we were fortunate to bring in many book and print related shows.  Check out our calendar of events to see what's coming next when you come visit.

Landmark Books - A small specialty bookstore in Traverse City, MI that carries my books.

Paperworks Studio - A non-profit small papermill in Traverse City, MI. The employees of Paperworks are individuals with disabilities and disadvantages but create some very nice papers. DWP has been working with and advising Paperworks for over a decade and has utilized their paper in various projects.

National Writers Series - An author event stage and writing center in Traverse City, MI dedicated to great conversations with todays best authors and workshops for youth and adults.



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