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Page from Heart of Darkness
Chapter spread for Heart of Darkness. Hand illuminated initial cap, illustrations by Marc Castelli.

Chad Pastotnik, founder of Deep Wood Press began this life's work as a printmaker focusing on the intaglio process's of engraving and mezzotint and the relief processes of wood engraving and linoleum cuts. Book binding started happening in 1990 which led to letterpress shortly after. The cohesion of fine art prints in the hand bound book form accompanied by hand-set or hot metal text composition for letterpress printing of wondrous stories is the primary focus of Deep Wood Press.

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The VirginsTHE VIRGINS, (2016) A broadside with lyrics by Chris Buhalis from the song by the same name. Chris is an old friend so when called upon to design his new CD I went a step further and also produced this very limited edition of prints for one of his Kickstarter campaign rewards. Printed letterpress in 2 colors on Paperworks paper with the intaglio print that spawned the song, 9 3/4 x 11 5/8 inches, edition of 20, signed and numbered.

THE MAD ANGLER'S MANIFESTO, (2013) by Michael Delp, seven color linocut reduction print by Chad Pastotnik. A fine tirade in hopes salvation for our beloved waters.

Composed in 24pt Lydian with Americana display type in 144pt with an 8 line piece of
Americana wood type for the drop cap. Printed on cotton Somerset Book Softwhite 175gsm cotton paper in an edition of 50 on a Vandercook 219 OS. 18 5/8 x 26 inches (47 x 66 cm), signed and numbered by the author and artist. $235

The secondary edition is of the poem printed on some white domestic commercial stock with a rough finish I’ve had left over for years now. Edition of 36, 12 3/4 x 26 inches (32 x 66 cm), signed and lettered by the author and artist, printed in 2 colors. Click the title or image at left for a viewing and more details. $65

Mad Angler versions

IF, (2013) by Rudyard Kipling, wood engraving by Chad Pastotnik. If you’re British or an Anglophile you know all about this poem of course. It’s been voted Britain’s favorite poem uncountable times by various survey entities and carries significant meaning beyond the immutable British stereotype. First printed in 1909 these words still carry meaning for so many of us.

A broadside produced in 18pt ATF Garamond hand set type with title set in Americana, printed on Domestic Etch with a sheet size of 10 x 16 inches, they are signed and numbered in an edition of 55 copies, printed in 2 colors. $45.00


ALONG WITH YOUTH, (2008) by Ernest Hemingway, wood engraving by Jim Horton. A broadside commission created for the Kerrytown Bookfest committee in Ann Arbor, MI for the 6th annual Bookfest. Printed on domestic Stonehenge paper (250 gsm) in four colors.  Text and title font are composed in 24 & 48 pt. Garamond with a credit and copyright line in 8 pt. Bernhard Booklet. Sheet size is 17 by 10 inches, limited edition of 125.  $100.00, sales are made through Hollander's in Ann Arbor.

 SEPTEMBER INVERNESS, (2006) A broadside created for Between the Lakes: an Interlochen Symposium for Writers and Readers, which features this previously unpublished poem by keynote speaker and former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass. Printed on mould made Somerset Textured paper (250 gsm).  Text font is 18 to 36 pt. Bernhard Booklet and Bernhard Roman. Sheet size is 10 by 11 inches, limited edition of 200.  NFS

 WHERE THEY RUN, (2001) Intaglio engraving by Glenn Wolff and type setting by Chad Pastotnik.  This print appears as the end papers in a book by Peter Kaminsky titled The Moon Pulled up an Acre of Bass.  Where They Run is a accurate, scale map of the northern tip of Long Island and the landmarks of the locale needed to fish sea bass with.  Printed on mould made White Rives BFK paper (280 gsm).  Text font: 10 to 36 pt. Baskerville Roman, Italic and small caps.  Intaglio plate size 10 1/2 by 14 inches, sheet size 15 1/2 by 19 1/2 inches Signed by Glenn and Chad, numbered, limited edition of 20 prints.  $250.00

  THE TROUT IN WINTER, (2012), Verse by Jerry Dennis, intaglio Engraving by Glenn Wolff and Type Composition and Design by Chad Pastotnik.  Jerry's reflections on natural beauty and his love of trout combined set the stage for verses extolling the prowess of Opus Salvelinus.  Click here to view other books authored by Jerry Dennis.  Printed on handmade Somerset Velvet buff paper.  Text font is 24 pt. Baskerville Roman and Italic.  Intaglio plate size 17.5 x 12 inches, sheet size 22.5 x 15.25 inches. Signed by Jerry, Glenn and Chad, limited, numbered edition of 65 prints.  $225.00 


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Coming soon

The Hunter GracchusTHE HUNTER GRACCHUS, (winter 2020) A wonderful short story by Franz Kafka in a new literary translation by Jamie Searle Romanelli. Illustrated with intaglio prints by Chad Pastotnik.

THE MACHINE STOPS, (summer 2017)  E. M. Forster shows his peers how proper sci-fi is done in 1909. Somewhere between A Room with a View and Howards End Forster published this remarkable short story which grows more pertinent with each passing day it seems. What will you do when the machine stops?

To be published under the imprint Mad Parrot Press which I am delighted to have formed with my longtime partner in crime, James Dissette. More details to come...

Wind in the Willows promoWIND IN THE WILLOWS, by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Vladimir Zimakov (summer 2020)

We settled on typesetting the book in 14pt Centaur and Arrighi. David Carruthers of Papeterie Saint-Armand in Montreal will be making our custom stock and will most likely be making all of my paper for Deep Wood Press from here forward. Vladimir Zimakov is already onboard illustrating with his glorious linocuts. This will be a big book, a page size of 11.25 x 14″ (28.5 x 35.5cm) is planned and preliminary layout puts the book at around 140 pages not including front or back matter. Edition size will likely be around 60-70 books.

To be published under the imprint Mad Parrot Press once again in partnership with James Dissette.

    Currently available:

In the Penal Colony (2018)  by Franz Kafka. This new translation by Breon Mitchell was done especially for this Deep Wood Press edition along with six full bleed etchings by Dellas Henke.The book contains 35 pages of printed text with a title page in 3 colors on Somerset Book White. Quarter bound with black Moroccan Goat and NOS sienna Fabriano Text paper (circa 1950’s) with a copper foil title on the cover. The flyleaves are the same Barcham Green “Windover” stock used for the 3 deluxe copies of the edition. The endpapers are printed Cartiere Magnani Revere evoking the island our story transpires at. 10 1/8 x 13 1/4 x 5/8″ (25.5 x 33.5 x 1.6cm) and housed in a slipcase. Numbered and signed by Breon, Dellas and Chad. Edition of 30 books + 3 specials on Barcham Greene "Windover" stock but these copies are no longer available.

I have produced 4 copies of the regular edition as presentation bindings and will likely make one or two more. These are full leather bindings with onlays, underlays and much tooling. Many pictures of these can be seen on my blog but all are housed in drop spine boxes.

Edition options:


Moon as Bright as Water (2016)  by Qin Guan. Translated by William McNaughton, former chair at Hong Kong University, and poet/translator David Young at Oberlin College. This is the first time these poems have been released in the English language with an introduction by McNaughton and an afterword by Young.

These poems showcase Qin Guan, a relatively unknown 11th century master of Chinese verse whose company could include the likes of the esteemed Li Po (Li Bai) and Du Fu. Praised by the illustrious Wang An-shih, Guan was a disciple of Su Shih (Su Dongpo) one of China’s masters of multiple literary forms, and who strove to loosen the poetic conventions of the day.

The book is printed in three colors on 150gsm Hahnemühle Biblio and the type is composed in Dante. This edition is bound in a sage Asahi book cloth with cotton indigo colored Shizen paper with a hint of gold batik highlights with a velum spine title and is housed in a slipcase of warm grey cotton book cloth. Printed and bound at Deep Wood Press. Edition of 80 books. The first 10 are deluxe and 5  copies reserved for hand binders. 34 pages, 10 1/2 x 7 3/4, numbered.
Edition options:

The Mad Angler Poems  (2014) by Michael Delp with 5 hand colored wood engravings by Chad Pastotnik and an introduction by Jack Driscoll. The Mad Angler persona that much of Mike Delp's writing has dealt with around the subjects of trout, writing and water culminates with this collection of 24 poems that brings a cohesion to the wit and pointed madness that is actually merely the love for wild places as yet not ruined by man. A rollicking adventure of thought through reflections on the subtle habitat of trout juxtaposed with the greed of development and backroom deals - the Mad Angler holds nothing back for those deemed unworthy.

Quarter-bound in heavy board in a brown Harmatan Moroccan goat with a cotton/linen Asahi book cloth. Gold title on spine with a varnished panel on the cover cloth overprinted with the brown drake fly. Mocha Hahnemuhle Bugra flyleaves back up the book blocks which are all hand sewn on straps, mull attached and cased in. The book is composed in 11 pt  Janson with Garamond in display sizes and printed in 2 colors on Magnani Revere cotton 120gsm paper. 8 7/8 x 6 7/8 x 1/2 inches, 33 pages.

Edition of 71 books, the first 10 are reserved for the deluxe edition and 1 special copy for the author. Signed and numbered.


THE PATH,  (2013), by Sigrid Christiansen with four multi color linoleum cuts by Chad Pastotnik. A lovely tune found in the Michigan north woods around a camp fire which begged to become a book.

The text is hand set ATF Freehand type with Lydian Bold titling and is printed on
Hahnemühle Schiller paper with an inteleaf of Japanese Lace Leaf paper. The book is sewn on straps of Iowa PC4G and bound into custom made Paperworks Studio "Dark Roast" paper. The book includes a "download card" from cdbaby so that you can enjoy the story audibly as well with a new special recording of The Path performed by Sigrid. There are an additional 3 books printed on some vintage Fabriano Umbria cream stock which will become presentation binding. Fifteen books are reserved for a deluxe edition. The books center spread features a 6 color linoleum cut and the title page sports a 4 color cut. Edition of 100 books, signed and numbered by the author and Chad, 16 pages, 6 1/8 x 5 7/8"    $150.00


THE INTRUDER,  (2012), Robert Traver / John Voelker, foreword by Richard F. Vander Veen and with ten wood engravings by Jim Westergard.

John D. Voelker (June 19, 1903[1]–March 19, 1991), better known by his pen name Robert Traver, was a renowned fly fisherman, and a member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. His early professional career was as an attorney, judge, and later a writer. He is best known as the author of the novel, Anatomy of a Murder published in 1958. The best-selling novel was turned into an Academy Award nominated film — directed by Otto Preminger and starring James Stewart — that was released July 1, 1959. After the success of his novel, Anatomy of a Murder, Voelker retired from the court in 1959 in order to write full-time and to fish at his beloved Frenchman’s Pond. There, he devoted himself to writing, and perhaps above all else, fly fishing, with a special passion for wild brook trout. Although he traveled far in his pursuit of trout, he recognized the Upper Peninsula as a particularly special place to fish. His writings, though steeped in fly fishing, also embraced the larger beauty of nature, and human nature.

Quarter-bound in heavy board with a Canapetta book cloth spine and Twinrocker Rustler paper. Copper foil title on cover and an embossed umber printed panel with Jim Westergard’s small “fly” wood engraving printed on green paper inset into it. Dark green Hahnemühle Bugra flyleaves back up the book blocks which are all hand sewn on straps, mull attached and cased in. The book is composed in 14 pt Linotype Janson with ATF Garamond in display sizes and printed in 5 colors on Hahnemühle Shiller 150gsm paper. 8 1/4 x 10 3/8 x 5/8", 34 pages. Edition of 150 books, the first 20 are reserved for the deluxe edition and 10 unbound copies are available for hand binders. Signed and numbered.

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KILLING THE BEAR, (2011/12), by Judith Minty with a foreword by Anne-Marie Oomen and wood engravings by Glenn Wolff. Composed in 12pt. Linotype Palatino with elements of Garamond and printed on Hahnemuhle Biblio paper on a Vandercook 219 OS press. One hundred books are bound in boards with a dark brown Asahi bookcloth and brick Hahnemuhle Bugra paper with a matt black foil stamped title and onlayed wood engraving printed on Kitakata paper. An additional ten books are printed on cream Zerkall Frankfurt, bound deluxe in chocolate Harmatan goat with dark grey Fabriano Roma over boards and housed within an umber Asahi and gray cotton cloth covered slipcase. The cover artwork is set within a debossed panel and is printed on Kitakata paper with title foil stamped in copper. The first ten numbers are reserved for the deluxe copies of the book. Edition of 110 books, signed by Chad, Judith and Glenn, 26 pages, 6 x 7 1/4"  $200.00 & $310.00


THERE BE MONSTERS,  (2011), by Chad Pastotnik. A little fable about how to walk in the woods. There Be Monsters was inspired when my friend Jim Horton did a reduction wood engraving for a lovely edition of Lewis Caroll's Jabberwocky. While my little story is short and sweet it does have an interesting plot twist,
told from the monsters perspective, kind of fun.Hand set in the font of Lutetia and printed on George Whiting paper stock. Sewn onto Iowa PC4 straps laced through a limp binding of Iowa PC4 G paper with a hand colored wood engraving and a six color linoleum cut.  Edition of 70 books, signed and numbered by the author, 12 pages, 5 1/2 x 5 3/8"    $100.00


Gerard Wozek. A long poem of an anguished soul lamenting his unfortunate switch at birth by the faerie folk. This poem was originally part of a larger performance piece entitled The Changeling in Exile. It was first performed in March, 1992 at the Lionheart Theater in Chicago, IL.
Hand illuminated ornaments and also a copper intaglio engraving by Chad Pastotnik on the opening spread. Composed in 12pt. Palatino and printed via letterpress on Somerset Book paper. Quarter bound in sienna silk Asahi book cloth and green Fabriano Roma cotton papers over boards with gloss black foil stamped title.  22 pgs, 6 3/4 x 8 1/4", edition of  50 books, numbered and signed by Gerard and Chad. $175.00

 THE FROGS WHO WISHED A KING, (2009), Aesop's versified by Clara Doty Bates. A classic tale from Aesop's fables newly illustrated by Chad Pastotnik with five intaglio engravings printed in raw umber. Composed in Garamond types and printed on mouldmade Hahnemuhle Biblio paper. The book is quarter bound with an Asahi cloth on the spine and Cockerell marbled paper over boards . 22 pages, 7 1/4 x 7 1/2", edition of 55 books, numbered and signed.  $300.00


 WINTER WALKS, (2008), by Jerry Dennis with eight wood engravings by Glenn Wolff
. Jerry's remarkable insite into the wilderness within and out, a modern transcendental voyage in the snow. Composed in the types of Baskerville and printed via letterpress on Somerset Book paper. 20 bound deluxe in a antiqued speckle dyed pale green goatskin quarter binding with brown Magnani Firenze paper over boards with a title on the cover in silver leaf. The deluxe edition also contains a page tipped-in of the author's hand-written first drafts, has all 8 engraving hand colored by Glenn and is enclosed in a cloth covered slip case. 100 books in the general edition, quarter bound in pale green book cloth and light gray Fabriano Tiziano with printed title and wood engraving. Five books available in folio for the hand binder. 44 pgs, 6 5/8 x 10", edition of  125 books, numbered and signed.


Winner of the 2010 Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design

 HEART OF DARKNESS, (2008), by Joseph Conrad and illustrated by Marc Castelli. Conrad's masterpiece and dark brilliance. The book contains a center double throw-out folio of 4 of Marc's drawings with a spread of 35 1/2" x 12 inches. Composed in Dante and printed on mouldmade Hahnemuhle Biblio paper. Fifteen books bound deluxe in full blue Harmatan goat in a drop spine box with an extra suite of four prints of Marc's drawings. 150 books quarterbound in blue Harmatan goat and Cockerell marble in a slipcase of cloth, 116 pgs., 9 x 12 inches. Edition of 150 books, numbered and signed. $500.00 - regular and $1500.00 deluxe.


 THE CHESAPEAKE VOYAGES OF CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH, (2007), with a preface by Adam Goodheart and illustrated by Marc Castelli. The original account of John Smith's Chesapeake explorations appeared in Books Two and Three of his General History of Virginia published in 1624. The journals are a compelling glimpse into the early exploration of an uncharted America.
The book contains two fold out maps, one from Smith's cartographer and another, reproduced in full color, found in the archives of the Newberry Library which has never before been reproduced. Composed in Dante and printed on Hahnemuhle Bugra paper. Quarterbound in blue Harmatan goat and cloth and rests in a slipcase of cloth and paper, 56 pgs., 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches. Edition of 100 books, numbered and signed. $375.00 


"GIVE MY LOVE TO ALL OUR FOLKS", (2006), by Paul Taylor.  Paul has edited this collection of letters sent from brothers in the Union army to their homes in Frankfort, New York during the Civil War and has made them available to historians and enthusiasts alike for the first time in print.  Dating from June 1861 to March 1870  in some  37 letters two enlisted brothers, DeWitt and Charles Staring,  share their thoughts and concerns with family at home. Composed in Intertype and ATF Garamond types the book also includes a halftone portrait and a battlefield map reproduced from the originals. The edition is comprised of 74 signed and numbered "trade" copies printed on Fox River Teton paper, 1/4 bound in gray book cloth and blue Hahnemuhle Bugra paper, copper foil stamped title on spine and cover. Also, an additional 26 slipcased, signed, and lettered "deluxe" copies have been printed on mould made Frankfurt paper by Zerkall. Bound 3/4 in gray Harmatan goat and blue Hahnemuhle Bugra paper, copper foil stamped title on spine and cover, slipcases covered in gray book cloth with copper foil stamped title. 6 1/2 x 9 3/4", 90 pages. $75.00 regular, $125.00 deluxe.


Six poems and six intaglio prints by Steve Toornman. Printed on full deckled Frankfurt (Zerkall) paper in two colors in the hand-set fonts of Drew and Bernhard Modern.  1/4 case bound in heavy boards with brown silk cloth and Arches Cover black with black foil stamped title on cover, Echizen Washi (black w/ white inclusions) end papers.  Edition of 20 books, signed by the author, 28 pages, 7 3/4 x 9 1/2"    $275.00



THE LEGEND OF MINISENS, (2002), a collaborative project.  Written by Judith Hitz and containing nine original prints, three each by Meredith Krell, Chad Pastotnik and Steve Toornman - wood engravings, intaglio and linoleum cuts. Type set in the font of Baskerville and Bernhard Modern Italic, impressed onto Hahnemuhle Biblio paper and bound hardcover.   Edition of 30 books, 7 3/4 x 7 1/4 inches, signed and numbered by the writer and artists, 28 pages.  $360.00


  GRAND RAPIDS ART METALWORK 1902-1918, (1999), by Don Marek. A comprehensive volume that explores the work and roles of the Arts and Crafts movement in the Midwest. Specifically, examining The Forest Craft Guild, Forest Mann, Stickley Brothers, and the Grand Rapids School in context. Jewelry, Lighting, Jardinières and findings. A deluxe edition of 250 books that varies from the trade edition by the inclusion of two wood engravings and six line cuts by Chad Pastotnik as introduction, chapter heads, and colophon on Gutenberg paper. Quarterbound in University of Iowa paper "PC4" over "PC4- G" covered, beveled boards with Twinrocker "Rustler" doublures.  11 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches, 114 pages, 110 b&w and 118 color photos, signed and numbered by author. $150.00 (trade edition $70.00 from author)  


 NORTH COUNTRY JOURNAL, (2001), by John Van Dyke.  A collection of twenty poems from this retired literature professor of Chicago's Northwestern University.  Ten linoleum cuts by the authors granddaughter, Andrea Van Dyke, grace these poems which were hand set in the font of Garamond with Baskerville titling and printed on Domestic Etch paper.  Edition of 150 (not numbered) coptic bound into St-Armand paper covers and a additional 50 books quarter bound in boards covered in handmade Richard De Bas floral paper and green cloth spine, numbered and signed by the author and printer.   6 x 7 1/4 inches, 60 pages.  $35.00 and $60.00

GOD IN ALL, A Gallery of Discovery, (2000), by Cara B. Hochhalter.  A insightful look at our relation and interaction with God.  Included in this portfolio are 10 original linoleum cuts with accompanying text, both by author,  and an introduction and colophon.  Hand set type in the fonts of Baskerville and printed on Stonehenge Cream paper and wrapped in a portfolio of Larroque Mouchette with Fabriano Roma title pieces.  A edition of 200, twenty two pieces, 7 1/2 x 10 inches, signed by author.  $45.00

, (2000), by Judith Mabee.  A collection of six poems.  Printed in the font of Drew on Twinrocker Simons Green paper in a loose portfolio of the same.  A edition of twenty five, 6 pieces plus portfolio, 6 x 7 3/4 inches. NFS

(1997): A poem by James Schimmel commissioned by J.S.'s daughter regarding the passing of a childhood friend (the tree). Handset in Lydian type printed on dampened Hahnemuhle Gutenberg paper. Original copper engraving (intaglio) by Chad Pastotnik. Case bound into aspen boards, black leather spine, silver foil title on spine. 12 pgs., 1 ills. & 3 hand colored line cuts, 7 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches. Edition of 15 books, numbered. $80.00

THE WORLD TREE, (1995): A collection of nature based poems by Bob Vance. Six engraving and mezzotint intaglio prints, 1 foldout, 2 pop ups, linoleum cut and 3 hand colored line cuts. Letterpress printed in the font Oxford onto Fabriano Rosapina paper. Coptic bound onto mahogany or aspen boards with intaglio and letterpress printed leather spine. 28 pgs., 6 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches. Edition of 35 books, numbered, signed. $450.00

BOILING POT STORIES, (2003), by Clark Malcolm.  Clark contacted us via BBK Studios to produce this book of his grandfathers memoirs.  Type is set in Palatino by Yang Kim using QuarkXPress and magnesium plates were produced.  Illustrations by Jody Williams.  Case bound hardcover in brown linen and tan flax paper and printed on Strathmore Pastelle.   Edition of 30 books, 8 3/8 x 5 3/4 inches, signed and numbered by Chad, 94 pages.  NFS

GREEN MAN, (1994), Poems and intaglio prints by Chad Pastotnik. Based on the Archetype; A collection of reflections on the male psyche. Nine intaglio prints- 8 mezzotint and engravings on copper, 1 pop up intaglio print structure. Handset in Drew and printed on Johannot and Rives paper. Bound on leather straps woven into tooled leather covered boards, 40 pgs., 5 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches. Edition of 20 books, numbered and signed. $800.00 
- no longer available

THERE BE MONSTERS, (1998), Short story, wood engraving and a linoleum cut by Chad Pastotnik. Told from the monsters perspective, kind of fun. Hand set in Lutetia with swash characters and printed on some sort of old stock paper. Hand colored wood engraving and linoleum cut, 12 pgs. 5 1/4 x 5 inches. $50.00  Numbered and signed - no longer available - 2nd edition above!

HERMAION, (1997): A book of poems by Terry Wooten who is well known throughout the Midwest and beyond as a traveling poet practicing the art of oral tradition and also for being host and founder of Stone Circle. The wood- engravings are original blocks made by Chad Pastotnik. Hermaion is composed in handset type of Bernhard Booklet printed on Rives lightweight, and hand- bound with Amate straps onto India Hemp paper boards . 24 pgs., 5 wood engravings, 5 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches. Edition of 50 books, numbered. $80.00  - no longer available

SATURNALIA, (1996): A poem by H.P. Lovecraft regarding a holiday for Saturn in ancient Rome. Handset in Twentieth Century Modern printed on Domestic Etch paper. Original collagraph image, border embossments and wood engraving by Chad Pastotnik. Pamphlet stitched with full wrap Ingres Antique black covers letterpress printed. 4 pgs., 3 ills., 5 x 5 1/4 inches. Edition of 70 books. - 2nd edition above!

TREE, (1991): Poems and intaglio prints by Chad Pastotnik. About being in trees in general. Thirty eight engravings and mezzotints printed on Arches heavyweight paper, 12 pages of text set in Bembo produced offset. Die cut "windows" on various Japanese papers separating text and prints in various paneled ways. Coptic bound into aromatic cedar boards covered with Amate papers, hand engraved copper title plated on cover, 36 intaglio prints, 74 pgs., 6 x 8 inches. Edition of 50 books, numbered and signed. $1200.00 - no longer available

NATURE & GOOD-BYE, (1997): A book of three poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson's existential essence and his reflections on man and nature. Nature & Good-Bye is a book composed entirely in handset type of the font Bernhard Booklet, and hand bound with cover boards of hand made Larroque Mouchette, hot foil stamped and printed titling. 14 pgs., 3 hand colored wood engravings, 5 x 6 inches. Edition of 115 books, numbered $60.00 - no longer available  (This was printed as a keep sake for the '97 Typocrafters Conference in IA)

THE CHANGELING'S EXILE, (1995): A prelude to a play by Gerard Wozek produced by Lionheart Theater Troupe, Chicago 1992. Eight line cut illustrations by Chad Pastotnik. Handset in Bernhard Modern Roman and Bernhard Booklet, printed on Somerset Book paper. 100 books quarter bound cloth, paper with letterpress printed jacket. 300 bound "buttonhole stitch" onto covers of sage Larroque Mouchette paper. 36 pgs., 5 1/ 2 x 6 1/2 inches. $60.00 and $35.00  - no longer available

Minisens page

The first page of text with copper intaglio engraving from the book Minisens. The font is set in Garamond, the initial letter is part of the engraving and hand colored.

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