In the Penal Colony          by Franz Kafka, intaglio prints from Dellas Henke                   

In the Penal Colony

  Regular edition of In the Penal Colony                                  


book signing

Dellas visiting the studio for a planning session for the book.
This new translation by Breon Mitchell was done especially for this Deep Wood Press edition along with six full bleed etchings by Dellas Henke.The book contains 35 pages of printed text with a title page in 3 colors on Somerset Book White. Quarter bound with black Moroccan Goat and NOS sienna Fabriano Text paper (circa 1950's) with a copper foil title on the cover. The flyleaves are the same Barcham Green“Windover” stock used for the 3 deluxe copies of the edition. The endpapers are printed Cartiere Magnani Revere evoking the island our story transpires at. 10 1/8 x 13 1/4 x 5/8″ (25.5 x 33.5 x 1.6cm) and housed in a slipcase. Numbered and signed by Breon, Dellas and Chad. Edition of 30 books + 3 specials on Barcham Greene "Windover" stock but these copies are no longer available.

I have produced 4 copies of the regular edition as presentation bindings and will likely make one or two more. These are full leather bindings with onlays, underlays and much tooling. Many pictures of these can be seen on my blog but all are housed in drop spine boxes. Three have sold but I have one available yet and will most likely make one more.

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Variations on some presentation copies of the book:

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