Linotype composition and Intaglio print room

Lino room

BAG Intaglio Press
"BAG" Intaglio Press

The intaglio press.  Made by Freddy Re'em for the Botega D'arte Grafica (school) in Florence, Italy.
It has a bed size of 25 1/2 x 47 inches and was made in 1963 after a 16th century design. Massive upper and lower bed rollers make this press ideal for engraved line work on copper. Lacking modern day micrometer adjustment to the upper cylinder the press pretty much remains set up for 16 gauge metal plates though without to much difficulty it can be raised for the occasional wood cut. Unseen to the right is a hot plate and ink slab area for wiping the plates.

Behind the press you can see the galley racks that hold about 350 sets of matrices used for the Linotype machine. These are the molds for the letters that are cast into metal type.

BAG rosette
The brass rosette was designed by Jean Rush, only about six presses were fitted with these. Note the book board shims which are used to level and control impression strength for the upper and lower cylinders - "old school".

intaglio plate
A 5 1/2 x 8 inch copper plate for intaglio printing,
 The Black Angel  and the corresponding print that was produced from it.

Assembling matrices

Linotype matrices assembling to cast a line of type.

Linotype slugsSlugs cast by the Linotype. Any measure up to 30 pica can be set and type sizes from 6pt to 36pt can be cast, used and remelted again into more composition.

Model 31 LinotypeThe Model 31 Linotype. Made around 1965 this is one of the last of the machines to be made before production stopped. The end of hot metal ushered in a nightmare world of photo type, rub-on type and all sorts of other evil contrivances until the mid 80s when desktop publishing finally became up to the task of somewhat proper text output.

Being able to freshly cast type is a tremendous asset. Some of the cases of type in the press room date back 100 years or more and the printing surface of some of those types have suffered accordingly. The Linotype composes slug lines of text assembling the matrices, casting the slug then distributing the matrices back into the magazine. A big time saver over hand composition and taking down forms.

Bindery Equipment

Press Room

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