Heart of Darkness      by Joseph Conrad                ~  Carl Hertzog Award for excellence in book design, 2010  ~

Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad's masterpiece, Heart of Darkness, continues to ignite the interest of readers and literary scholars alike.

The simple story of a sea-captain hired by Belgian colonial ivory merchants to search the Congo River for a disaffected company employee turned pathological demigod becomes as deeply a sympolic and frightening descent into the maelstrom of moral consequence as Dante's expedition through Hell.

If there is a moral compass to be discovered within its pages it is to be found spinning between the cardinal points of avarice, genocide, values and conscience as Marlow steams deeper into the darkness of the jungle and the core of the human psyche in his search for the enigmatic Kurtz.

Published with 36 original drawings by renowned maritine artist Marc Castelli, this limited edition of Heart of Darkness summons us to listen to Marlow's story which echoes even today.

112 pages, 9x12 inches, three hand-colored drop cap letters and a four-panel center throw-out of drawings. Signed by Marc Castelli.

All book versions contain a center double throw-out folio of 4 of Marc Castelli's drawings with a spread of 35 1/2 x 12 inches. Composed in Dante type and printed on Hahnemuhle Biblio paper. 15 books bound deluxe, 150 books standard, 116 pgs., 9 x 12 inches, numbered and signed.

Standard Edition: 
Quarter bound in blue Harmatan goat with Cockerell marble over boards in a slipcase.      ~ $500.00
As of 9/12/13 there are only 20 copies remaining.

Deluxe Edition: 
Full blue Harmatan binding housed in a drop spine box.                                                   ~ $1500.00

Presentation Binding: 
Full goatskin binding with calf onlays depicting images from within the book enclosed in a drop spine box with a extra folio of prints from the book. Don Etherington is the founder of the Etherington Conservation Center in North Carolina. His fine bindings have won international acclaim, and with 55 years of experience, he is uniquely qualified as an extraordinary bookbinder, conservator, and teacher.  He has been involved with the restoration of the Magna Carta, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Signed by Don.

Only one copy is offered, please inquire directly for availability.                                      ~ $3000.00 ~ sold

Heart of Darkness

Chester River Press works in tandem with Chad Pastotnik at Deep Wood Press in Michigan. Jim Dissette and Chad worked together at DWP to produce both this book and The Chesapeake Voyages of Capt. John Smith as well as some private commissions under the Chester River imprint.


standard edition Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad     Deluxe Edition - Heart of Darkness by Joseph conrad

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