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Chad started out this mad adventure in fine books innocently enough. It was back in the 80's and he was finishing up his undergrad work in printmaking with an emphasis in engraving and mezzotint when a professor showed the class a book structure. Taken with the idea, Chad started putting his smaller prints into book form, toying with pop-ups made from prints and windows through pages. It wasn't long before the idea of words popped into play and hmmm, how does one do that on Rives BFK anyway? Well one thing led to the next and before long Deep Wood Press was born when Chad found his shack on the Cedar River and built the beginnings of his studio.

All these past years and plenty of distractions later Chad is still working at his prints. Some of them still find their way into book form but all along they've existed on their own and sell as individual pieces in galleries and shows across the country. Here are a few for starters and many more will be added to this part of the site as time permits.

intaglio press
A copper plate for intaglio printing,
 The Black Angel and the corresponding print that was produced from it.

The Black Angel

The Black Angel,  mezzotint, roulette & engraving on copper.

The Fox Den

The Fox Den, engraving, mezzotint and roulette on a zinc plate.

By The  Side

By The Side, wood engraving on resingrave block.

The Warrior

The Warrior, mezzotint and engraving on copper. Part of the book Green Man.
Saw Him in the Garden

Saw Him in the Garden, engraving on copper.
This Wood You Seem to Sprout From

This Wood You Seem to Sprout From, mezzotint and engraving on copper.
The Virgins

The Virgins, engraving and mezzotint on copper.
Dancing Crow

Dancing Crow, wood engraving.
Evening Twilight

Evening Twilight, wood engraving.

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