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6 to 8 month apprenticeship
Position available fall 2014

I have been
printing and binding books since 1990 and this marks the 15th year that apprentices have been working with me. Past apprentices are now working in the field as book artists, conservators, professors, work for someone else in the trade or have put together their own shops.

Equipped with a nice array of printing equipment and a small but quite functional bindery built up over the years, projects have ranged from small intimate editions of poetry of regional authors to larger elaborate editions. Regardless, these books are all planned, composed,  printed and bound here on premises - all of which you will participate in.
There is much hand work in both the pressroom and bindery and attention to detail is a must. Of course smaller projects are squeezed in between, anything from high end invitations to beer coasters, cd packaging or community currency. In addition, there is a large intaglio press on premises which is often used for editioned books which include this sort of original artwork. Emphasis is placed on hot metal composition and books utilize Linotype composition but mounting bases for photopolymer are present as well.

Applicants should have some experience in a press room and know the lay of a type case or bindery experience, ideally, both. Preference will be given to MFA, certificate program students or a practitioner who can demonstrate a desire for pursuing a set future in fine press/book arts. Hours will be 25-30 hours a week (more if you like) but are flexible as I have a life and family to attend to as well. The facilities are available for private projects for the apprentice and it is expected that this be taken advantage of. In fact, you will be required to produce several projects during your stay culminating in a book edition of your own.

You will learn here: About art and books, the history of our craft, about paper. You'll make ink, tool leather, carve copper. Know where to get materials and how to figure the budget, maybe even how to run a business (wait, who am I fooling?)

Resume, and letters of recommendation preferred. A physical interview and portfolio of no less than 10 images, objects or bindings is required.

Deep Wood Press is truly in the deep woods of Northern Michigan alongside the Cedar River so having your own reliable transportation is a must. The surrounding area offers much to those who enjoy the outdoors but an urban dweller may find things a bit slow or lacking diversity. Serious applicants should check out the Deep Wood Press website and Google Bellaire for an idea regarding environment and entertainment potential. Traverse City is about 45 minutes away and has an airport as well as a quaint urban style of its own.

Occasionally grant money is available for this position which could allow for modest apartment housing in Bellaire (about 9 miles away depending on the season) and a small monthly stipend. At this point I have still not received verification if a the grant has gone through this year.

Chad Pastotnik
Deep Wood Press
P.O. Box 726                 - mail
121 Doerr Rd.                - shipping
Mancelona, MI  49659


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