The Mad Angler's Manifesto              by  Michael Delp

The Mad Angler's Manifesto

The numbered edition
Alternat edition of The Mad Angler's Manifesto

The lettered edition

first heard rumors of Michael Delp's series of Mad Angler poems a couple years ago and was intrigued. Once I coerced him to send me some of them I knew I had something here with the Manifesto poem. In some of my past events at Interlochen I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak and recite  his work as well and was always entertained - further charmed with the stories of the Mad Angler on the stream. So here is our combined effort for your viewing pleasure, I sincerely hope it finds its way to your fishing shack wall.

Michael Delp is a writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction whose works have appeared in numerous national publications. He is the author of Over the Graves of Horses (Wayne State University Press, 1989), Under the Influence of Water (Wayne State University Press, 1992), The Coast of Nowhere (Wayne State University Press, 1997), and The Last Good Water (Wayne State University Press, 2003), in addition to six chapbooks of poetry. He taught creative writing at the Interlochen Arts Academy and received several awards during his time teaching there.

Signing the edition


Composed in 24pt Lydian with Americana display type in 144pt with an 8 line Americana piece of wood type for the drop cap. Seven color linoleum reduction print by Chad Pastotnik and printed on Somerset Book 175gsm cotton paper in an edition of 50 on a Vandercook 219 OS. 18 5/8 x 26 inches (47 x 66 cm), signed and numbered by the author and artist. $235

The secondary edition is of the poem printed on some white domestic commercial stock with a rough finish I’ve had left over for years now and features the result of the final linoleum block state. What is the black in the previous edition is now a dab of raw sienna mixed with heavy plate oil to create an underprinted image of the trout with the poem. Edition of 36, 12 3/4 x 26 inches (32 x 66 cm), signed and lettered by the author and artist. printed in 2 colors and are available for $65.

Mad Angler versions

 signing the edition

relief printing color reduction print (suicide print) is started with the lightest color and only removing the whites, the negative space around the overall image. Then progressively removing more of the linoleum to create the next layer of color. Looking at it close, in visual reading range (about 5-6') and from across the room as a compositional complement to what is going on with the text - different things happen with the trout at various distances, something your computer just can’t translate…

The nature of reduction printing precludes any future editions. The block is systematically destroyed in the creation of the finished print.

From the beginning I planned to add a bit of red/sienna in the fins to the image and so left those areas open with the white to hit with some water color at the very end. If those areas had remained to print the sienna at the end it would have to have been over the black and that would have meant a very opaque ink, probably two press runs of a silver and then the sienna over it but I wanted it to remain washed out and transparent. I also wanted the salvaged block of the last run to be used for an under print on the lettered edition.

More information about the casting of the type and initial layouts and design can be viewed on my blog.

Below you can see the evolution of the linoleum block and the print as progress was made:

1st color
2nd and 3rd colors
4th and 5th colors
5th and 6th colors
What's left of the umber run
the 6th & 7th colors

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