The Trout In Winter

trout in winter

Words – the only poem Jerry Dennis claims to have ever written (well, published anyway)

Intaglio – Glenn Wolff’s deft hand with graver and copper plate.

Typography & Design by Chad Pastotnik

Printed on handmade Somerset Textured off-white paper
Text font ~ 24 pt. Baskerville Roman and Italic
Intaglio plate size 17.5 x 12"
sheet size 22.5 x 15.25"
Limited edition of 65
Numbered & signed by Glenn, Chad, & Jerry
$225.00 unframed + shipping

    This broadside, "The Trout in Winter," is actually a second edition, with some significant changes. The first edition, published in a signed and numbered edition of 60 in December 2000, sold out soon after it was released and has grown steadily in value ever since.  Glenn's magnificent image of a brown trout against a cosmic river bottom is  the same engraving on the same copper plate  but with the addition of an exquisite stonefly nymph in the lower right corner. Chad made some interesting changes as well. He re-inked caps with gold ink, tightened up the line and letter spacing, and made a few other tweaks to produce an even lovelier presentation of my words. We've kept the words as they appeared in the first edition, including the emergency edit that changed the text slightly from the way I originally drafted it. As we were setting type we realized that Chad was running short of lowercase "e's," creating an interesting dilemma. We could have reset the type in a different font but we had fallen in love with the Baskerville 24 pt Chad had selected.  So instead we reset some of the words and lines in italic, creating visual interest and variations in tone and emphasis that I now consider essential to the meaning of the text. To save a few additional "e's" I also edited the poem slightly. I'll never forget the three of us cheering spontaneously when we saved two "e's" by changing the last word  from "leave" to "go."  

                          - Jerry Dennis

Jerry, Glenn & Chad
intaglio plate
type form
mortised type


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